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Silent Auction Oct. 16 thru Nov. 13

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How our silent auction works:

• Items are on display and up for bid.
• To insure confidentiality, please ask for a bid number from the staff. This means you won’t put your name and phone number on the bid sheet, just your bid number.
• There is a minimum bid for each item and a bid increment amount.
• You place a bid on the sheet for any item you would like to “win”, writing your bid number and the dollar amount you would like to bid for the item.
• When you bid you are making a commitment to donate that amount of money to the library for the item. *Please do not bid unless, at the end of the auction, you intend to pay the amount you bid.*
• You must either make the minimum bid if no one else has, or make a higher bid than the last bidder. The higher the bid must be within the approved increments. For example, if someone bid $10 on an item and the minimum increment is $1, then you must now bid at least $11 if you want a chance to be the high bidder and “win” the item. You cannot bid $10.50.
• The auction will run for one month, from October 16 through November 13, 2019. You may bid as often or on as many items as you would like.
• Bidding will close at 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 13. High bidders will be notified that evening or the next day.
• Payment is expected within the week. High bidders/winners may come in to pay and pick up their items any time during library hours in the week following the closing of the auction.
♦ Every item was donated by members of the community. ♦
Thank you for your support and GOOD LUCK!

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