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Corporate Credit Card Policy

Newark Public Library credit cards are available to staff for emergency purchases and purchases for which other forms of payment are impossible, impractical, or likely to result in unreasonable delays between the purchase of a good or service and its receipt.

All purchases made with the library credit cards must have the Director’s prior approval, and be fully documented. Execution of purchases will be the responsibility of the Finance Clerk. All credit card receipts and invoices must be submitted to and reconciled by the Director, or his or her designee, monthly.

Proper documentation includes:

• Original paid receipt indicating the amount paid, the vendor, and the itemized description of the purchases
• In the case of books, subscriptions or similar orders, a copy of the order form or document and packing slip or other receiving document
• A print-out of the items ordered online

 Examples of documentation NOT allowed:
• Non-itemized cash register receipts
• Handwritten requests for reimbursement without receipts or other verification

Upon receiving the Director’s approval to use the credit card, staff must sign-out cards when using them, and sign-in when returning the cards. After use, prompt return of the credit cards is expected. The credit cards are not to be used for non-library related expenses by staff under any circumstance.

A lost or stolen credit card must be reported to the Director immediately.

Adopted by the Newark Public Library Board of Trustees August 14, 2014

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