Library Services

Free WiFi:

The library offers free WiFi with no log in required.

Public Computers & Printing:

  • Public computers can be accessed with a library card and PIN or a staff-issued guest login.
    • You are guaranteed a minimum of 60 minutes on a first come, first served basis.
  • Printing from the computers costs $0.25 a page for black and white copies, $0.50 for color.

Copying & Faxing:

The Newark Public Library has a printer/copier and fax machine for public use with minimal fees.

  • The printer/copier costs $0.25 per page for black and white copies, $0.50 for color.
  • The fax machine costs $1.00 per fax.
    • Our fax number is 315-331-0552. Keep in mind that the fee applies to both the sending and receiving of faxes.

3D Printer:

  • The Newark Public Library makes 3D printing available free of charge to customers ages 17 & under.
  • 3D printing services are available to adults at the rate of $1 per half hour.

For more information, please read our 3D Printer Policy.

Meeting Room Use:

The library offers the use of our Community Room, Renner Room, Friends of the Library Meeting Room and the Fayetta Hall Meeting Room to the public during regular library hours. Library programs have priority on our schedule, but when available the rooms are open for use and reservations are required.  Meetings must be open to the public and not for profit.

Room Capacities:

  • Community Room- 56 people
  • Renner Room- 27 people
  • Friends of the Library Room- 4 people
  • Fayetta Hall Meeting Room- 7 people

If you are using any of the meeting rooms for the first time, please stop by the front desk to pick up a copy of our room use policy and sign a registration form.

If you’d like to reserve a meeting room, Click Here.

Notary Public:

The library offers a free notary public, please call in advance to make sure they are available.


  • You need to present a valid photo ID
  • The Notary must witness the signing, so bring the document in unsigned and wait to sign until the Notary is there to witness it. 
    • Please note that NYS requires each Notary to keep a log book of all notaries, expect your information to be recorded and retained in the log book.